Legal notice (terms of use)


Platform4jobs S.L. (henceforth, ‘Platform4jobs’ ), domiciled: Avda. España 34, Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain, CIF (Tax ID number) B21521463, represented by Noemi Pascual Moreno NIF (Tax ID number) 44223868C, provides specific information regarding its activities on its website

The current general terms and conditions solely and exclusively govern the use of the Platform4jobs website ( by users who access it. The current general terms and conditions are displayed for the user on the website on each and every page and every time a user enters their data into the available forms, so that they can read, print, save and accept them over the Internet. The user cannot actually enter their data unless this acceptance has taken place.

Platform4jobs S.L. was registered in the Business Register of Huelva on 31st January, 2013 in volume 994, book 0, page 162, sheet H20447 entry 1.

Access to the Platform4jobs website ( entails the unreserved acceptance of the present general terms of use that the user confirms to have understood in their entirety. The user is committed not to use the website and services it offers in order to carry out activities that are against the law and to respect the current general terms and privacy terms at all times.


The principle purpose of this web application is to facilitate contact between Oil & Gas companies and job candidates for said companies.

In order to use of the Platform4jobs website, the user is not required to register, unless the user wishes to use the main section of the companies database and CV manager on, where they will have to register by filling in a basic form or using the identity authentication delegation on various social networking sites.

This subscription will be regulated by the specific general terms. The terms of access and use of the current website are strictly governed by current legislation and by the principle of good faith, the user being committed to using the website well. All acts that violate legislation or the rights or interests of third parties are prohibited, including acts that violate privacy rights, data protection, intellectual property rights etc.

Platform4jobs expressly prohibits the following:                

The carrying out of actions that could cause on or through the website, and by any means, any kind of damage to the Platform4jobs systems or to third parties.

The carrying out, without the due authorisation, of any kind of publicity or commercial information, either directly or covertly; mass mail outs (“spamming”); the sending of large messages with the aim of blocking network servers ("mail bombing"), or information that is not related to human resources.

Platform4jobs may interrupt access to its website at any time if it detects any usage that is against the law, good faith or the current general terms – see clause five.


The contents of this website have been produced and included by Platform4jobs using both internal and external sources, so that Platform4jobs is only responsible for the content produced internally. Platform4jobs safely uses the company information that makes up its Oil & Gas company database, so we cannot vouch for its accuracy beyond what each company makes available to the public on its web pages.   

Platform4jobs will in no case be liable for content entered by third parties unconnected to Platform4jobs, whether through direct contributions on the website, the publication of hyperlinks or links to other websites or news on other sites that Platform4jobs does not own. Platform4jobs does not guarantee the correct functioning of all these links or hyperlinks.

The user who desires to place a hyperlink on their website to the Platform4jobs website shall not engage in any usage that is illegal or that violates the good faith of the information made available on the above-mentioned website. 

Platform4jobs reserves the right to modify the existing content on its website at any time.    


A registered user only has access to the CV tool and 20% of the companies’ database. Filters are limited to five company results.

To access a fuller service, a paid subscription is available. This full service gives the user access to 100% of the companies’ database and unlimited search results.

It can be accessed via the upgrade tab located in the account settings section, or via the various links marked ‘upgrade.’ The subscription will cost $9.95 a month.

Payment is via recurring monthly payments, Paypal, or by credit card using the payment gateway Stripe. To change the payment method after a subscription has already been taken out you will need to cancel the subscription and re-subscribe using the new payment method.

The cancellation is carried out using the “downgrade” button on the plans tab of ‘Account Settings’. As soon as the user downgrades they will automatically lose their premium privileges. Platform4jobs will not reimburse the user for any remaining unused time left on their subscription. When downgrading, the user will be advised how much time is left on their premium subscription in case they want to use up the rest of it.

4. Responsibilities of Platform4jobs

4.1. Connection errors, acts of nature or force majeure: Platform4jobs will not be liable for errors, slowed access, drops in service, system delays or any anomaly that might occur in relation to general problems with the Internet network, acts of nature or force majeure or any other totally unforeseen eventuality, that is therefore outside of the good faith of the company. Platform4jobs is committed to trying to find a solution to these incidents using all means available to it, and offering the user all the necessary support in order to resolve incidents as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. Likewise, Platform4jobs will not be liable for errors that might occur as a result of these causes, in communications, deletions or incomplete transitions, so that it does not guarantee that the website will be operative at every moment if this is due to matters not attributable to Platform4jobs or that the latter cannot resolve using the available means. The user exempts Platform4jobs from all liability if one of these causes occurs.

4.2. Use of the website: Platform4jobs will not be liable under any circumstance for errors or damages occurring as a result of any use of the service by the user that is inefficient and in bad faith. Nor will Platform4jobs be liable for the consequences, great or small, of any communication failure between Platform4jobs and the user that is due to the email provided not working, or because the information provided by the user on registering for is false.

4.3. Responsibility: Platform4jobs assumes responsibilities that might arise from the provision of the services it offers within the limits and as specified in the various General Terms of the services available to the user.

4.4 Platform4jobs bears no responsibility for broken links or links that fail in the company listings, although it is committed to continually monitor them and will use all means at its disposal to change or remove them.

4.5 Platform4jobs will in no way be liable for the content of pages pointed at by the links appearing on, whether placed by third parties or their own. Content can be reported via the email: and Platform4jobs will consider removing said link.

5. User responsibilities

5.1. Good use of the service: the user is under obligation to use the service correctly. The user is therefore not to use the service in bad faith for any practice prohibited by law or considered unacceptable by business practice. From the time that Platform4jobs has obtained reliable knowledge of any act or illegal usage in general carried out by the user, it is empowered by the current General Terms of Use to notify the competent authorities of these circumstances and unsubscribe the user or restrict their access to the Platform4jobs website. The user will be solely liable for any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action started by third parties directly injured by the user, before courts or other bodies, and will assume all expenses, costs and indemnities which, if applicable, Platform4jobs may assume if the claim is directed against itself. Likewise, Platform4jobs will cooperate with and notify the competent authority of these incidents as soon as it has reliable knowledge that the damage caused constitutes any kind of unlawful activity, particularly in the area of content entered by the user that might infringe the legitimate rights and interests of Platform4jobs or third parties.

5.2 Reliable knowledge: in the event that Platform4jobs receives any form of statement from a third party regarding the alleged unlawful nature of certain content or activity carried out by a user of the Platform4jobs services, and provided that this communication is received in such manner that the informant is correctly identified, it will inform the user and, in the event that the activity is demonstrably unlawful, will proceed to block the service in question. In order for this service to be demonstrably illegal, the illegality should be unmistakable to anyone accessing these contents. In specific cases, such as copyright or injuries and libel, Platform4jobs cannot enter to settle whether the user does or does not have the right to display that content or whether the same constitutes an injury or libel. Only the competent authority is able to reliably indicate that illegality and, consequently, order the cessation of the service.

5.3 Safekeeping of passwords: the user will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of all the passwords they use to access their private area – passwords the user chooses on registering as a user – in order to contract the various services. The user should save them in a secure place in order to prevent access to unauthorised third parties. At no time are these passwords saved in text format in our servers.

5.4 Due diligence: The user will be responsible for undertaking with due diligence all acts required of him/her. The user should be especially diligent with regards ensuring their personal details are accurate and up-to-date, in particular the email address stipulated in the user registration form as the main means of contact with Platform4jobs - see clause 6 of the current Terms.

6. Communications

Platform4jobs and the user agree to inform and notify one another of any incidents that occur throughout the validity term of the different services that might be contracted, preferably and prior to any other form of communication, via email. The Platform4jobs email for these communications will be: The user’s email will be the one provided on the Platform4jobs user registration form at The user is committed to ensuring this email address remains operative and to change it in his/her personal area of the website if necessary in order to continue receiving communications. In any event, if any urgent problem or error with a previous communication should occur, communications will take place via phone, fax, post, courier or any other system suitable for the pursued purpose. However, the preferred communication method is email and Platform4jobs will be exempt from any kind of liability that may occur due to a failure to check or error with the email provided by the user. Each of the parties will be responsible for keeping and looking after copies of the communications that take place.

7. Copyright y trademarks

Platform4jobs is a registered trademark. The use by others, in any medium, of the Platform4jobs trademark, including both the name and the logo, is forbidden, except with the express consent of Platform4jobs. All rights are reserved. Additionally, the Platform4jobs website – the contents themselves, programming, website design – are fully protected by copyright, and all reproduction, communication, distribution, and transformation of the referred to protected elements is expressly prohibited, without the express consent of Platform4jobs.

8. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The current General Terms are governed by Spanish law. In particular they are subject to: Law 7/1988 of 13th of April, on General Contracting Terms; Law 26/1984 of 19th July, General, for the Protection of Consumers and Users; Royal Decree 1906/1999 of 17th December, 1999, through which telephone or electronic contracting is regulated with general terms; Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data; Law 7/1996, of 15th of January, on the Ordering of Retail Commerce; Law 34/2002 of 11th July, regarding Information Society Services and E-commerce; Law 16/39 on Payment Services, and in addition any other law or regulation that might develop or modify them. These terms will always be applied alongside the Terms that regulate the specific service that is contracted.  

For the resolution of any dispute or conflict arising from the current general terms, the courts and tribunals of Huelva will have jurisdiction. The user expressly waives any other jurisdiction that may correspond to him/her.

9. Various

In the event that any clause in the current document is declared null, the other clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted, taking into account the will of the parties and the very purpose of the present terms. The current contract is solely in Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese and English. Platform4jobs may choose not to exercise any of the rights and powers conferred in this document, something which does not imply the waivering of the same under any circumstances, except in the case of express recognition by Platform4jobs. The current General Terms are registered in the General Register of Terms of Contract, to provide transparency and security to the whole process.