Privacy Policy

The current Privacy Policy governs both the processing of personal data that Platform4Jobs S.L. (henceforth known as Platform4jobs) carries out as data controller, and also the data protection regime that applies to the services Platform4jobs provides when acting as data processor of information used by its users in their services.
In both cases, whether Platform4jobs is acting as data controller or data processor, there will be a strict adherence to the current regulatory requirements regarding personal data protection and complete respect will be maintained for the data and privacy of users.
This policy will be permanently accessible via the link on the website entitled, “Privacy.” The policy may be updated at any time, as a result of a regulatory change or change to the configuration of services or type of business being undertaken. Any modifications that involve changes to the provision of the contracted service, or that require the consent of the interested parties, will be communicated 30 calendar days in advance, to allow the interested parties time to express any objection to their data being processed according to the described change, or to allow clients to adopt any measures they deem appropriate regarding the communicated change. Once the time period provided is over, if the user accesses the services again or does not inform of any objection, the new conditions will be understood to have been accepted.

1. Data Controller Platform4jobs processes data fairly and lawfully. It only processes data which it considers appropriate, relevant and proportionate regarding the sector and the particular, explicit and legitimate purposes for which it has collected it. It does not use data for any purposes that are incompatible with the ones it has been collected for.

1.1. Accuracy Users of the website (henceforth, the “users” are responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide to Platform4jobs and for keeping it up-to-date. The information they provide will be considered correct and up-to-date. Users can edit and/or update their details and preferences regarding the processing of data they provide, by using the available option settings found in “Account settings” or CV.

1.2. Information As data controller, Platform4jobs S.L. informs that both the personal details provided by users when they register, as well as the information they provide to sign up to any Platform4jobs services, or resolve any incident they inform us of using any of the available contact methods (web form or email), will be added to or might be added to a file under their ownership. This will be duly registered in the Register authorised by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, and will be treated in accordance with the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. The compulsory nature of information requested on the website or of answers to questions, is indicated with an asterix (*) after the form field or question. In the event that the required information is not provided, it will not be possible to provide the service or functionality requested.

1.3 Objectives Platform4jobs will only process the personal data provided by users in accordance with the purposes laid out in this Policy and in the General Terms and Conditions of the services contracted by the users. These are listed for information purposes below:

Company information: Holds information of interest to oil & gas company job applicants

Information about applicants: Holds basic information for oil & gas companies about applicants, for filling job vacancies.

Promotional contacts: Keeps information on contacts for promotion and advertising. Platform4jobs safely processes the information it collects from both the companies and job applicants for these companies.

1.4 Consent Users consent to their data being processed under the terms previously indicated, by accepting the current Privacy Policy when they register as a user of Platform4jobs, send information or use any of the contact methods provided on the Platform4jobs website, or when they contract a specific service that requires said processing in line with the corresponding service’s General Terms and Conditions. Users should avoid supplying personal information on other data subjects, unless they have the relevant authorisation, whereby said subjects have been previously and duly informed about the content of the current Privacy Policy and, specifically, that they consent to their information being provided to Platform4jobs to be processed in accordance with the corresponding purposes, and are able to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (henceforth jointly known as ARCO) as described in this same Policy.

In all events, Platform4jobs will delete the registered information as soon as it ceases to be needed or relevant to the purpose for which it was obtained, and may hold/store it - duly blocked - for the duration of any kind of liability arising from a legal relationship or obligation, execution of a contract or the application of pre-contractual measures requested by the data subject.

1.5 Transfer Platform4jobs does not give information out to third parties, unless a Law or community ruling requires it, or if it is necessary in order to provide the contracted service. In such cases, it will only supply information that is absolutely necessary in order to manage the user request and provide the services contracted, in such a manner that the transfer reflects the free and legitimate acceptance of a legal relationship existing between the data subject and Platform4jobs, the development, compliance and control of which necessarily involves data connection, and which includes the necessary transfer of that data. In the event that a user leaves a comment or interacts socially on the Platform4jobs website or the social networks it has a presence on, they should be aware that their information will be published on the area they interact in. In other words, they will be expressly authorising the communication of their data - associated with the action they carry out –to other users accessing the website or social network.

1.6 Revocability Consent that has been given, both for the processing and transfer of data belonging to a data subject, can be withdrawn at any time, by contacting Platform4jobs under the terms established in the Policy for the exercising of ARCO rights. This withdrawal cannot be applied retrospectively.

1.7 Rights Data subjects may exercise their ARCO rights and withdraw consent given for the processing and/or transfer of their data at any time by requesting this in writing and sending the letter to the Legal Department of Platform4jobs S.L. at the following address: Departamento Jurídico de Platform4jobs S.L., Avda. Europa 34, Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain; or alternatively, by sending an email to: In all instances, a copy of an official document proving the identity of the information owner, should accompany the request.

1.8 Methods of payment Platform4jobs does not save the bank or credit card details of payments made for the provision of its premium service. This data is managed directly by the organisations responsible for this, which are Paypal and Stripe.

2. Data Processor Access to and/or processing of the personal data which users of Platform4jobs are responsible for, will not be deemed data transfer when needed to provide an acceptable level of service provision for the contracted services. In such instances Platform4jobs is the data processor, in accordance with the current regulations on data protection.

The data protection system applicable to this processing is laid down in the present Policy and in the General Terms and Conditions of the corresponding service and in the specific Terms that form the account or service subscription (together referred to as the ‘Principle Contract’).

2.1 Authentication The user of the service (henceforth, the ‘user’), or if applicable, the third party deciding on the purpose, content, use and processing of personal data, are the only ones responsible for the data stored on Platform4jobs services. Platform4jobs processes the information stored on its services exclusively by user account according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Principle Contract. The user, or third party to whom the user is providing a service handling information that the third party is responsible for, demonstrate ownership of files containing legally collected personal data and, by virtue of the services contracted from Platform4jobs, authorise its processing to the extent that is necessary for the provision of the same.

2.2 Obligations In cases where Platform4jobs has access to data, it undertakes not to apply, use, or disclose the data it processes for any purposes other than those derived from the Principle Contract. Platform4jobs will only process the data held in its services for the purpose of running the contracted services on behalf of the user in accordance with the instructions given, and under no circumstances will use the data for any purposes other than those agreed on in the Principle Contract. Platform4jobs will not disclose or allow access to the data it processes to any third party, not even for retention purposes, unless: the Principle Contract stipulates otherwise, or the transmission is necessary for the running of the contracted services or the transfer is imposed by a regulation having the force of Law. In this sense, on signing up to any of the available services on the website, the user expressly authorises Platform4jobs to subcontract as many entities as necessary for the correct provision of the services laid out in the Principle Contract. The parties thus subcontracted will have the status of data processor, and will be subject to the same rules of data protection and confidentiality as Platform4jobs and will regulate their relationship with Platform4jobs in accordance with the regulations governing data protection. The identity of these subcontracted entities will be published on the Platform4jobs website.

2.3. Subcontracting Where the user is acting as data processor for a third party responsible for the information, the user should be completely certain before contracting any service that involves processing the data, that they have the express authorisation of this party to go ahead with the subcontracting of services entrusted to them and that these coincide with the aims of the Principle Contract. Likewise, before contracting the service through Platform4jobs, the user should ensure that the relationship with the third party responsible for the data is legally regulated according to the requirements of the current regulations on data protection. If this is not the case, the user should not subcontract to Platform4jobs. If they do not abide by this prohibition, they will be responsible and take on any sanction imposed on the party as a result of this absence of legitimacy.

2.4. Security Platform4jobs has adopted the technical and organisational measures needed to guarantee the security of personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, or non-authorised processing or access, in accordance with the current regulations on personal data protection, in particular, measures associated with the medium security level for files and/ or automated processing, in accordance with Title VIII of the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, approving the regulation implementing Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the protection of personal data.

Platform4jobs solely provides technical infrastructure and, if contracted, the administration of the same, limiting its liability to security measures provided in relation to these roles. Its responsibility will therefore be limited to those tasks which, by the very nature of the Principle Contract, should be undertaken directly by Platform4jobs within the services (such as, for example, restricting access to the places where the data storage resources are located).

Platform4jobs will not be liable for any violation of the user's security systems or inviolability of information transferred across any communications network. Neither will Platform4jobs be liable for security incidents that occur as a result of an attack or unauthorised access to the systems, occurring in such manner that it is impossible to detect or prevent, even after adopting the necessary measures available to current technology. Nor will Platform4jobs be liable for any security incidents that occur due to a lack of diligence on the part of the user when saving and looking after access keys and/or personal data.

The user recognises that said measures will meet the level of security applicable to the type of information being processed as a result of the service provision Platform4jobs is undertaking on the user’s behalf, in accordance with the terms of current regulations on data protection. It is up to the user alone to assess whether the conditions of the Principle contract are appropriate to their needs and fulfil the legal requirements to which it is bound as file/Data Controller.

Where the processing to be undertaken requires some additional measure than those laid down in the Principle Contract, the user should inform Platform4jobs so that it might offer the user the opportunity to contract the additional technologies and services needed to implement said security measure. The contracting of the additional measure will take place through formalising a specific document attached to the Principle Contract. If Platform4jobs is unable to provide the additional measure required by the user, it will inform the user at the earliest convenience.

In the event that the provision of the contracted service requires an additional measure that Platform4jobs has not been informed about or that is not contracted after offering said option to the user, Platform4jobs will not be liable for the failure to implement the security measures required by the current legislation on data protection. Likewise, in the event that the file level description processed by Platform4jobs for the provision of the contracted service is inaccurate, Platform4jobs will not be liable for the inappropriateness of the security measures with the regulatory provisions.

The user should advise on the identification of files or processing for which Platform4jobs is the data processor, by indicating the file name, its security level and details of the data/file controller as well as notifying of any changes to previous data. In the event that this information is not provided, processing of personal information will be considered not to exist.

2.5. Retention Platform4jobs will retain the personal data it has had access to as a result of the service provided, in addition to any format or document in which this is recorded, for the duration of the Principle Contract or for as long as required to by law. Afterwards, the data and any media or documents containing it, will be destroyed, taking account of the features of the contracted services and the retention periods stipulated, in this case, in the Principle Contract. Platform4jobs may, however, retain the data and information processed, duly blocked, in the event of responsibilities arising from their relationship with the user. The destruction of the information will take place without the need to send any formal communication or certification to the effect that this has been carried out.

2.6. Confidentiality Platform4jobs is committed to maintaining professional secrecy regarding the data it accesses by virtue of the Principle Contract, and to its obligation to store it, obligations that will remain even after the relationship with the user has ended. The rest of the planned obligations with regards the processing of information on behalf of third parties will expire as soon as the information has been deleted or eliminated from the data storage device or destroyed or rendered inaccessible in some way.